Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You know you are moving when...

The only thing in your master bedroom is your bed, your garage looks like the picture below and your child climbs into your cupboards because there is nothing in there!

Piper finds a new spotNice garage full of *#$*!Just storing Asher in the cupboards...LOL!Seating for an army!Dinner anyone?
So far...
The basement family room is empty, the upstairs family room is loaded with furniture. Half of the garage is full of boxes (the other half we occasionally are storing the van). The dining room has some furniture and the items that we want to put in the car (breakables, etc). The kids' rooms have empty dressers and just a few items hanging in their closets. Our bedroom just has a bed!

Piper found a new home in the kitchen with a few now that my vases, etc, are packed away. Asher, on the other hand, has found a nice hiding place in the kitchen cupboards! He just climbed in while I was making dinner and shut the doors! LOL!

Oh, and our home has not even been appraised for the buyers yet! Lovely...sure it will not show well with our stuff stacked floor to ceiling on the main level!

Addison & Asher in the cupboardThe kids & Kazia (the neighbor girl)

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