Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Moving Zone

Dining roomFamily RoomEntry wayDining roomOur Favorite Garage!
Wanna move? Check out the Austin Moving zone first! Seriously, we have to live like this! It looks like a house of a hoarder! "Mess" Asher says. So, if you want to move, be prepared for the moving zone to enter your home and take over (unless you are hiring it done - which perhaps would have been a better idea!). Can you imagine the faces of the new owners on their walk through 48 hours prior to close? YIKES!

Chris and I carried most of the furniture to the garage or main level by ourselves! I know, I am stronger than I look (or at least I am stronger than I think I am). My parents helped with the packing and carrying of the extremely heavy armoire, Addison's dresser, and of course, that playset! Thanks Mom and Dad!

More Garage!Addison's nearly empty roomAlivia's room with just her bedOur room (without a bed!) and a piece of luggage for a nightstand

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