Thursday, October 08, 2009

I feel your concern...

I have been in a complaining mood lately. Here are the letters I have written lately and the responses or lack there of:

1. Massage Envy: They did not book our appointment on our 10th wedding anniversary - telling us they can get us in later that night or another day. I was mad and disappointed because we had been looking forward to our couples massage and had the whole night planned. I wrote them a letter.

Response: NONE. Big surprise.

2. Portrait Innovations Village Point:

Had our 10th wedding anniversary pictures taken there. The photog, Nicole, was a total witch! She did not want to be there for one. Then she would not allow us to select our pictures. I could go on and on. The pictures we did select were okay...but she ruined the experience. So, I wrote a letter.

Response: None. Big Surprise.

3. Vala's Pumpkin patch: A goat on the run rammed our little Addison. Hours later, the goat was still on the loose! Disappointed in the potential hazard that could be (an accident ready to happen!), I wrote them an email.

Response: FINALLY...SOMEBODY responded. But, this was not really what I was looking for:

"We are sorry you had such a bad experience, and we hope you little one is
OK.  Our animals on the farm are commissioned from an outside source.  I
will pass your email on to him."

Um, eh, sorry, but not our problem was the summary of that email to me. Sounds all but too familiar. I did email the popsicles company about the popsicles having no juice (they looked like frozen ice and for $4 I was a little annoyed) and they send me a coupon for free ones. They were the only nice people out there!

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