Monday, October 05, 2009

And this is why...

Chris and I have received a lot of, um, feedback on our position on not putting the money into our home to meet our potential buyers demands. Most are saying, "If I were you, I would just put the money in so I could move." Yeah, well, that may be what they would do. But, they are not in our situation.

Today, on the insistence on our real estate agents, the estimates began for the radon mitigation system. These appointments were set up late on Friday before the demands were officially in place or before we made our decision to just say no.

While the kind lady was explaining what they would need to do in order to install the mitigation system, the kids were "playing" downstairs. They appeared to be playing with the trains as I talked to her in the kitchen. As I walked her to the door and then quickly emailed Chris with the information, Addison and Asher shifted to other naughty play.

So, you want to know why Chris and I are refusing to meet these potential buyers demands? Well, this is why...

Let's just say after working overnights as a nurse last night, I have very little energy for these kind of antics (let alone when I am fully rested!). If we can avoid stress right now, we can and will and are. And, during the 45 minutes it took me to clean up this mess (let alone the mess leading to the treadmill and around the actual litter box that I had luckily just cleaned this morning), Addison and Asher tore up their train tracks to the point where I need Daddy to help me to repair them. Following bathing the kids, I am completely exhausted and smell like kitty litter!

So, this is why we chose to say no! Will it cost us the sale of our home? Perhaps. But, it is the choice we made because we potentially only have 2 1/2 weeks until we move. 1. They can not get the system installed by then and 2. I do not have it left in me to do this anymore. I'm done.

For every question and doubt...this is why.

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