Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Yesterday, we were possibly moving into the home on Ponderosa and hoping the title would soon be cleared.

Today we packed up the house in boxes to move to a storage unit. We have one selected, the truck is on rental, and now to get our of our home. We have until Saturday at 2pm. Then it will be official - we will be homeless. I am not being over dramatic, either. We have found that we can no way purchase the home with the title with liens on it, obviously. To get those titles off will take some time, time we may not have now that we have no place to go. We are now pondering going back to the drawing board, selecting yet another home. Meanwhile, while I was making out Addison's bed today, Addison came and kept saying "Asher, Asher..." I knew something was not right. Sure enough, Asher stood at the bottom of the stairs with a large serrated knife in his mouth that he had gotten from the dishwasher, I would assume. Luckily, Addison told me in time and no harm was done. But, seriously...what more can go wrong here?

Tomorrow morning after finalizing the storage unit, I hope to make some calls about an apartment. We are hoping to get back into the apartment that Chris and I were at prior to living in this home. It is only 1 mile from our home allowing Alivia to stay in school until we find another home. We most certainly do not want to take her out of school twice. Most apartments do not allow month to month, but we are hoping something goes right for us here. I also hope to put in a call to the people that have liens on the Ponderosa home. I am just going to put a friendly bug in their ear that we are planning on taking them to small claims court for money lost during this transaction since the liens placed on the home are not legal. They should be against the builder, not the current homeowner. If we have to walk away from the home on Ponderosa, we will be walking away from time, lots of money, and will lose our 4.75% loan lock. I will try very hard to keep the conversation friendly, but I will tell them that their actions have in turned put a family with 3 small kids homeless. So, they will be out more money - the money they lost from the work done on the Ponderosa home and the time and money they will lose when we take them to small claims court. We hope to file something next week - after we move, find storage for our things, and find a place to live.

And what will the next day bring?

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