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2009 Visit to Vala's Pumpkin Patch

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Mickey Mouse!Farmer AsherAlivia says, "Weeee!"Just a little slide!Strained smiles at the end of the day...:)
Today was Alivia's Kindergarten field trip to Vala's. Who could have asked for a better day? We were supposed to go last night and have a firepit with Chris' family, but Alivia said it was as cold as an ice cube and did not want to go (wonder where she got that from?) and Asher was sick. So, today, I loaded up Addi and Asher to make our trip to Vala's.

We arrived at about 10am, just as Alivia's bus from Standing Bear was pulling up. Alivia was in a group with her friends, Sophia and Anna, so I let her make the choice of whether to come along with us or stay with them. I knew we could not follow them as Addi and Asher would want to do different things. Alivia decided to go with her friends and we would try and find them later. I wanted her to enjoy her time with her friends since she has so little time left with them before we move.

Addison, Asher, and I made our way to the bunnies, the trikes, the jumping pillows (those are awesome!), the duck derby, the corn, the playset and then rode the train. We stopped at this point to rest my arms (because Asher was insisting upon being carried and I had decided to not bring the stroller) and have lunch. We then picked up some yummy kettle corn, watched the pig races (LOL!), watched the pumpkin cannon thing, played on the HUGE slides, took a hay rack ride, checked out the apple center, played at the spider web, walked through the Storybook Barn (which Addison hated!), played in the school house (Addison's loved this), and so much more! Mommy was exhausted! All the while, we were looking for Alivia. I could not walk 5 steps and Addison and Asher would see something they wanted to do, stopping us from finding Alivia. We missed her all day, but I knew she was having fun or they would find us.

We went up by the dragon to wait for Alivia, and starting watching the show...and there was Alivia!! We were so excited to see her. She played with her friends a bit in the area before we signed her out for the day to come with us.

We then went to the van to get the stroller before my arms fell off, and I moved the van up closer to the entrance (whew, that was nice when we left!). It was nice to get rid of the coats, popcorn and unneeded supplies.

With Addison and Asher in the stroller, we strolled back to the trikes since Alivia had not done them yet, then back to the jumpy pillow so Addison could do that again. I tried to get them to go to the Mine, but Alivia melted down begging not to go. We then took a quick trip to the candy store to get a little treat (that took like 15 minutes to decide!), visited the windmill and that HUGE slide by the pumpkin cannon, and then went to the petting zoo area. That is where it got interesting. There was a little goat about 5 feet away out of his cage. I barely pointed out that he was out of his cage when he came horns out at Addison, ramming her in her stomach!! Seriously, why is he out? A young man appeared to be trying to put him back, so we raced out of there and I tried to console Addison (whose abdomen was all red). We played in the area, snapping some pictures, before heading for home. I did notice as we were leaving, however, that the goat was STILL on the loose! I meant to say something on my way out, but forgot.

It was a fabulous day at the pumpkin patch! For the money, I will always do it during the week on a nice day and spend the day there. Next time I will have Chris take the day off too. It should be a family thing, I think.

Now for Favorites:
Alivia: Playing with friends, the train, and the jumping pillow
Addison: the jumping pillow and the school house
Asher: The train ride, the hay rack ride, and all the slides
Mommy: the soda from the gas station on the way home. Seriously, I forgot to pack a drink and refused to pay $2.50 for a pop I did not even like. So, I was so thirsty...that has to be my favorite part! I loved just spending time with my kids all day at such a fun place. Vala's has got to be the best place in Omaha to have fun with kids! (Sign in to see ALL the many pictures I took of our fun day at Vals's!).

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O'Toole said...

Was the loose goat black???? We went Wed. evening (at about 5:00) and a black goat was out and ramming people!!!!! My sister asked the kid if that goat was supposed to be out and he said "nope' and didn't even move from his spot!

Austin Family said...

Yes! I emailed them with my concerns regarding the goat. They said the animals are those of someone else and they would pass on my concerns. Not overly concerned. Fun place...but that is an accident waiting to happen!