Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Shoes

On Tuesday, I took Asher to get new shoes, in spite the fact that he was really sick. The problem? We were to go to the pumpkin patch that night and the boy only had summer sandals to wear (and it was like 40 some degrees and horribly windy!). Although we ended up not going Tuesday night, Asher was so excited to get new shoes! We had bought him sneakers in the spring, and we had bought them big. What do you know? They fit him perfect now! He also got a new pair of nicer sneaker type shoes he can wear to church.

Now...doesn't he look proud of his new look? He was so excited that he insisted on wearing them to bed for his nap!

See my new shoes?Asher unloading the dishwasher...with a headband!

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