Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Addison's Preschool Open House

Last night was the open house at the Gingerbread House Preschool where Addison goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She was so excited to show all of us what she does in school. She showed us pictures she had made, shapes she was learning, toys she plays with, and and new friends! Addison is very social, actually, and outgoing in school. She is already counting up to 20, which I was impressed by. Alivia may have said 1-20 by Addison's age, but Addison actually can count out objects! I think Alivia may have helped her a bit with that, too. Addison is trying so hard to try and learn the things she sees Alivia already doing - like cutting with scissors, painting, and writing her letters and numbers. Chris and I think that preschool has really helped Addison come out of her shell a bit more. Mrs. Gohr, Addison's teacher, treated the kids with lollipops at the end of the open house. What a treat!

Addison was proud to show us where she went to school, and we were all excited to see all that she is learning.

GBH Open HouseGBH ClassmatesAddison, sitting at a desk at preschoolAlivia & Addison playing with the toysCalender Time

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