Saturday, October 03, 2009

October Visit to the OCM

OCM Halloween DisplayOur kiddos: the best we could do!Tunnel PlayChair timeFloating Ball

Addison had been asking all week to go to the Omaha Children's Museum, but my brain was so fried and my body too tired and we just had too much going on. But, today I decided to give all the kids (Alivia too!) the treat of the OCM.

Today was special for a couple of reasons. First, they had a Halloween Display. Second, they had a Deaf Awareness Day Celebration with outdoor play things such as Jumpy Jumps, as we call them, and sign language activities. The Halloween exhibit was so neat! Of course, all of our kids were scared, at least initially. Alivia warmed up eventually, but Addison and Asher did not like it. They had tunnels, spiderwebs, blow up Halloween stuff, and a fun maze. It was really cool.

Next we went to the ball room where Asher really loved the floating ball (being held up with air) and they all road on the pully chairs. We went over a made a little craft (an hand signing I love you) and made a little body art: Asher got a star, Addison wanted a heart, and Alivia got a butterfly and a rainbow. After watching a brief bubble show, we went upstairs to ride the carousel. This was a special treat, too. This time, Addison and Asher climbed ride on a horse (or bunny) and Alivia refused wanting to ride on the chair with Daddy. They all liked it in the end. We played upstairs for just a bit on the new Rainbow Playset they have up there before it got too crowded. We ended our visit by going outside to the jumpy jumps and activities they had set up outside, including cotton candy! The kiddos jumped until they could jump no more on 3 jumpies they had set up (and it was not THAT cold afterall) and then were ready to go home for lunch. Alivia ate an entire thing of blue cotton candy all by herself - so I am sure she will be all full of energy all afternoon.

It was a fun morning and a nice break from the stress of home. The kids had fun, and I am sure Addison and Asher will want to go back next week!

Face PaintingBubble ShowCarousel RideCarousel RideJumpy JumpsI Love You Art - by Alivia

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