Friday, October 02, 2009

September in Review

After the month of September, we now have a 5 year old well into her first year of Kindergarten and loving it, a 3 year old in her first year of preschool doing amazingly well, and a 22 month old who is well on his way to a large vocabulary featuring his favorite words, "Dino!" and 'No!" as well as climbing all over (including out of his crib!).

We visited our normal places of the zoo, Children's Museum, and the Fontenelle Forest/DinoQuest, as well as going to other places like the Wildlife Safari, Big Lake Park, & movie night at Alivia's school.

In the mix of all this fun, we sold our home and are now wishing we didn't. The stress of all of the home selling and home buying is putting a big toll on the whole family.We are all just tired of it all. We will see what next month brings. We are supposed to close on our new home October 23rd. Who knows...we are day by day with all of this!

Here's September Pictures...

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