Thursday, October 15, 2009

Change can be good

Since it has gotten cold, dreary and wet, I have been driving Alivia to school. I have been driving her every Tuesday and Thursday and dropping her off at the Kindergarten line just as the bell rings so I can see her walk inside. Today she asked if I could just drop her off to wait in line (instead of walking her in) so she can wait with her friends. She got out of the van and ran to her friend, Sophia, who gave Alivia a hug! What a big girl! Although it was a tear jerking moment for many reasons, I was proud of her as I watched her grow up before my eyes.

After taking Alivia and Addison to school, it was just Asher and I. We played soccer! Asher dribbles really well. He is so funny as he TOUCHES the ball to get it in the right place before kicking it! We played catch, too. He is really good at throwing, but I have to really keep my eyes on the ball. He wings it at me!

When Asher and I picked up Addison today, I told Addison how much we missed her and turned to Asher and said, "Didn't we Asher?" Asher responded, "No!" I think he had too much fun playing ball!

Back at home after preschool, Addison and Asher have adjusted to not having picky Alivia home at lunch. This week we have had 3 new things including fish sticks and cheeseburger macaroni (made with soy burgers!) and they asked for seconds! Seriously, every week I am buying new things and watching Addison and Asher eat them. It is amazing what they will eat when Alivia is not there saying how disgusting everything is!

So, change can be least this kind of change!

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