Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Afternoon at the Zoo

Our mornings are still full with Catholic Education, but that leaves the entire afternoon to play! Yesterday, we decided the weather sounded perfect to visit the zoo. Shoot, everyone else thought that, too! We are so used to going when it is not busy that it is really difficult to adjust when it is wildly busy. But, it was still fun.

We started out with a picnic. It took the kids over a half hour to eat, and they never did finish lunch. There were just too many people and too many things to look at to settle down to eat. Oh well, time to move on. The girls had yet to get to the aquarium, so that was our first stop. They both seemed to enjoy that. I felt like I was going to get smothered by the 1000 strollers and crowds of people in there. I guess I AM a fair weather zoo visitor. I could not wait to get out of there! (But, yes, it is still cool and I feel lucky to have such a place to visit so close to home).

We then visited the animals that each kiddo yelled they wanted to see before our 2 pm show at the IMAX. We saw To the Arctic 3D  which is quite a good show. 

After the movie,  Addi ran into one of her friends from Kindergarten. Papillion is such a small town (and so is Omaha!). The girls hugged like long lost relatives. So funny. Then, Addison wanted to see the "barn." She loves petting zoos. They played at the new dino dig before going to pet the goats. Addison could have stayed there all day, grooming all of the goats.

We went to visit the polar bears (after learning about them during the movie), then to play on the playset. Seriously, the kids had no interest in the animals, they just wanted to play after being trapped in the classroom all morning. 

We spent the entire afternoon at the zoo, ending up somehow at Zestos for ice cream. Yummy! Great ending to a fun afternoon.

Baby Sea Lion!


Courtney F said...

Love your aquarium shots! Sounds like a fun afternoon! I LOVED the zoo in the winter and now, it's not as fun with all of the people :-) We should meet there sometime. The kids keep begging to go back!

The Austin Life said...

Anytime...we would love to meet you!