Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Scared FSBO

Yes, like there were running blogs, there may be a lot of FSBO posts coming as well. Like it or stop reading, ya know? :)

Chris had yet another showing tonight. We are gathering why people get real estate agents (other than they have lots of money to give away in commissions). The couple tonight had a lot, and I mean a lot, of questions. Where's this, why's that? and how about that? questions. Chris is so honest. Too honest sometimes. Scary honest. Now...I will be sitting on the edge of my chair thinking someone is going to rob me during the day because they think they may be able to outwit our security system. How do we know these people are really looking to buy our home? How do we know they are not casing our home to rob us. Okay, let's get real here. Unless someone wants a big doll house, some little kids books, or a few loud toys, they are not going to find what they are looking for here. But who knows what scary people are looking for these days unless you are one of them? (I know, I know...BUT I AM SCARY!). The funny thing is...we thought we were smart! Ha!

Meanwhile, Chris sells these people (with his quiet tone they probably tend to take him more seriously) with all the things we have done to the home. Other than building it, we have more or less done everything else so take credit (good and bad I guess). However, in selling the home, Chris reconsiders again, "Why are we moving?" with every comment..."We installed the fence, all the landscaping, the cobblestone all the way around the house, the 10 trees and many bushes and flowers." Or on the inside, "We finished the basement, installing a second fireplace and a 5th bedroom with a day light window." And then Chris gets comments like, "Wow...we have not see a backyard to flat and big...this is nice." Oh, great...are we going to be stuck in some hole when we move with NO BACKYARD or with one big hill?  Seriously, we have driven past really nice homes with backyards that are one big hill or homes that have NOTHING for a back yard (no room even for a playset). Now who would want that? And Chris is thinking about when he planted all the trees, some with my Dad's help, and not so sure my dad is going to want to help this time (and my parents just planted 100's of trees on their farm...I am finding it highly unlikely they even want to look at a tree at this point!).

Let's just say, at this point, we are scared and tired FSBO...and we are only 1 week into it. Oh us.

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