Friday, May 22, 2009

Alivia Completes Preschool!

Today was Alivia's last day of her second year of preschool at the Gingerbread House, marking a major milestone! Alivia went from being the shy girl that refused to talk to kids in her class until like January, to making friends and even having a little boyfriend! How scary is that. Okay, he is a boy and they are close friends. :) It is hard for us to believe that she will celebrate her 5th birthday on Monday and begin Kindergarten in the fall. Time sure flies. I feel lucky to have spend most of the last 2 years with her at home. It will be nice to have her home all day with us this summer to do as many fun things as we can. As I picked up Alivia from preschool today, it was difficult for me to hold back my tears (and Alivia said, "It is okay Mommy, I want to go to Kindergarten!") Just when I think she is growing up too fast, Alivia says something to remind me that she is still my baby (but is becoming such a big girl!).

Congrats Alivia on successfully completing Preschool!
Alivia in front of The Gingerbread HouseAlivia at Preschool

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