Sunday, May 31, 2009

I think we are Crazy!

Or, at least I am crazy.

Okay, I know what I said...NO MORE OPEN HOUSES! However, we placed the ad in the newspaper, which then placed our home open house on several websites. We had to have an open house! So again, after a night without sleep, the kids and I went out for an afternoon of activities while Chris stayed home and got scared.

The kids and I went to the sprinkle park for the first time this season! It was fun! However, the water would be on for 10 minutes, then be off almost completely for 10 minutes. Um, our kids' attention span does not last that long. We made it an hour there and they were done. It was 1:20, and I needed to be out of the house until 3. We drove to Chris' parents house to find them not at home...oh, I should have called. We came back home and waited for viewers to leave before running in and pulling the sign. We had someone else coming for a scheduled viewing at we had little time.

Unfortunately, nobody got a nap. Chris was all worried because the interested party waiting for loan approval came back for the 3rd time stating their loan should be approved this be expecting an offer. Great! We will be homeless this week? Another couple also came through really interested stating they would definitely be in touch! After worrying for a couple hours with few brain cells without sleep, I had to get out of the house again. Chris agreed to keep Alivia and I decided to just take Addi and Asher on a walk. It was 4:30. I returned home at 5:30 and the people were still not there. I could not walk anymore. I was hot, tired of walking (I had been walking for an hour!) and I had not slept in days now! Come on! So, Addi, Asher and I went to the backyard to play while the people looked around. They were interested as well, but had to market their home first. Oh, they are not an immediate threat. The house will be sold by the time they get their affairs in order.

So, at this looks like we will at least get 1 offer within the next couple of weeks. Now, if we can just decide where we are going to live we would be set. I have an appointment to view a home on an acreage tomorrow with the kids (Chris has another showing of our home to get home to). One really has to be committed to this process to proceed because buying and selling a home with kids takes time, work and lots of commitment!

I will keep you posted!

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