Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alivia's Kindergarten Check up

Anyone who knows about the Pre-Kindergarten check up knows, this can be a very traumatic appointment. This appointment usually consists of shots, vision screening, hearing screening and an exam. They no longer require the urine test, which helps a little. However, having worked in a pediatric office as a nurse, I am smart. HA! I had Alivia's shots done at her 4 year appointment so her 5 year appointment was not so bad. It was fun for her actually!

She passed with flying colors! She shyly answered all of their questions, performing all of the tasks asked (skipping, hopping on one foot, writing her name, etc). She weighed 37.8 lb (34%), 42.25 in tall (46%). They do BMIs now and she was found to be within normal limits there, too. She passed the vision and hearing tests well, even going away with the nurse to test without any hesitation.

The results: Alivia is physically ready for kindergarten beginning August 17. All we have left on the check-list is to learn how to tie her shoes. I think if I bought shoes with ties that would help!

Now, off to enjoy Alivia on home this summer!

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