Friday, May 15, 2009

Alivia's 5th Birthday Party

Today, from 3-4:30 (right after preschool), Alivia celebrated her birthday with her preschool classmates, friends, and grandparents. Her birthday falls on Memorial Day this year, the Monday after school gets out, so we decided to have her party 10 days sooner so that her preschool pals could come. This was our first attempt at a kids' birthday party...and it was uncontrolled chaos! (I am always surprised how parents leave their kids with complete strangers, in this case US! One mom called to RSVP and asked me my name, while another one asked if I was Alivia's Mommy in school and then went onto say her little boy would be coming. I guess Chris and I are a little protective about who we leave are kids with (and our kids would not stay anywhere alone without us, either! I have yet to drop off Alivia at a party without staying with her).

The plan: Play outside. We had the tent system set up, the extra slide, the playset (obviously), the big plastic house, picnic tables, kids tables, etc, all ready to go. The kids started arriving and playing. It was was the boys that were doing all the screaming! I asked them all to get on the playset for a picture began to rain. They all ran for inside, taking off their shoes, and then going to the basement. Chris and I scrambled to get the tables inside and set up for cake (with help from our team of helpers - his cousin, our parents, and my friend Heather - Thanks!).

First, Alivia opened her many presents, including 4 Barbies (all different too!). She got a lot of nice things. Each friend sat next to her as she opened their present to her. Then, we had her cake/cupcakes, gummy bears and juice boxes. Alivia was really shy while they singed, but she liked blowing out her candles. It was uncontrolled chaos. The kids then laced up and went back outside, while a few stayed inside and played downstairs. Asher finally let me put him down after insisting that I hold him (he went with Grandpa Bob to play outside) and Addison and cousin Gwen played outside. I'm hoping the parents were not too mad about how muddy some of the boys were when they went home! YUCK!

After saying good-bye to her friends (she gave them treat bags with a big bag of M&Ms, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and water balloons - all things to play with this summer), Alivia opened up her presents from her Grandparents. She was so excited to get a new backpack for Kindergarten and drawing supplies (Alivia is really into drawing right now - definitely from Chris!).

After the clean-up was done, Chris and I are exhausted! We can see why people have parties outside of their homes.We learned a few things. Tell the kids where the potty is. Get the juice boxes ready (Alivia can do this herself and has since she was 2 (Addison can and Asher is trying!), but most of the kids could not do this). Ask more people to help because 2 people (and I only had one hand because Asher would not let me put him down) is not enough. We had help - but I felt bad that our parents and Chris' cousin had to help so much since they were our guests too! Have pick up time in a 15 minute time period. I did think 1 1/2 hours was perfect time!
It was a fun afternoon! And, most importantly, Alivia had fun!
Play TimeTube Time (Asher loved it outside!)Group Photo minus 4PresentsPink Cake and CupcakesFamily PhotoMake a Wish!Feeding FrenzyAddison, Great Boppa Austin, and Grandma BetTreats!

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O'Toole said...

Alivia's party looks like it was fun! Did you invite her whole class? Did ANY of the parents stay? I think I would have stayed, I can't imagine leaving Riley (even next year!). I love the cake, where is it from?

Austin Family said...

Alivia's class only had 8 kids total (including Alivia), and they were all invited. Only one little girl did not come. Some outside school friends came too, but it was harder since all the other kids knew one another. No parents from her class stayed. Chris' cousin, a family friend and the grandparents all helped (willingly or unwillingly). I have stayed at all of Alivia's parties. I invited parents but said they were not required to stay. I think some parents are afraid to ask if they can bring siblings bc they have no place to take them if parents do stay. The more the merrier, or chaotic.:)The cake is from The Cakery and was awesome!