Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skipping Through the Forest

Asher taking a breakAlivia's breakI can see you Addison!

Today was our May visit to the Fontenelle Forest. I can tell from month to month how the kids are growing up as they change when we visit places. Last month, Asher was perfectly content riding in the stroller. This month, he was screaming at me to "Want Out!!" So, as scary as it was, I let him out on the deck trail that is quite high at times and not very secure. YIKES! He held my hand for the most part, then wanted up! Pushing the stroller where Addison was content while holding Asher was a task, I'll tell you. I got my work out! But, the forest is so wonderful in the morning. All the birds chirping, woodpeckers making noises, etc, makes it so peaceful. The leaves have come out on the trees since our April visit making the views different. We can not wait to come back on a weekend so we can take more trails with Daddy. As we left, 2 big bus loads of kids arrived. Oh, Mommy sometimes knows just the right time to leave!

Making music togetherTaking a walking break

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