Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day started off rather challenging. After staying up all night at work, I came home, saw my roses and almon m&ms from the kids (Chris got me the entry table and mirror already) and rushed off to Mass with the family. As usual, Asher was very challenging, but he tested me more as I was completely exhausted. Then, we rushed home so Chris could go to his parents’ house for a BBQ and wish all the Mother’s a happy one and I could stay back and sit in an unsuccessful open house (okay…perhaps we should have waited until we advertised and put some signs out!). At 1:20, I FINALLY laid down. I think it was 2 when I woke to Asher “singing” in his crib and Addison crying in her room. Wow! Impressive! I got to sleep for 40 minutes. I feel so rested (note: SARCASM). I went downstairs to see what happened to Chris so he can maybe, just maybe, let me go back to sleep for, I don’t know, an hour? He was napping on the couch. So, I went back upstairs to find Addison covered in YUCKY in her pants (let’s just say something did not agree with her and it was evident!). So, off to a bath we went. She was not happy, and neither was I. It is now 2:30, I have not slept since 6am Saturday morning. I put her back to bed and went into singing Asher’s room. Whew! What is that smell? That’s right…same thing with Asher. COME ON! Is this some kind of sick joke? What did these kids eat? Finally, 3pm – I can go to sleep until 4 – then it’s time to get up to go and see my Mom/Grandma/Aunt Marsha for Mother’s Day.

We arrived at my Grandma’s almost in one piece for a chicken dinner. It was good to see everyone after the crazy day…just to relax, play hide n seek, whatever. We gave the grandmas butterfly things that stick in the ground from Mulhalls. I went to Mulhalls to buy these rustic flower things that also stick in the ground, but Alivia wanted the butterflies. When you are shopping with 3 kids in the rain, you tend to agree with whatever they say if it means you can leave the store sooner!  Anyway, once we reached Grandmas, although tired…I was much more happier about the day being able to actually celebrate being a Mommy! I love being a Mommy! It is the best and hardest job…but I would not change a thing!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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