Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Take and Jon & Kate +8

It is no secret that I am a fan of 2 shows, Lost and Jon & Kate +8. Last year, I kind of got away from Jon and Kate because I was just too busy to watch TV 2 nights a week. However, I had to watch the season premiere on Monday after all of the accusations were flying around.

Now, here is my take on it.

Jon wants to quit the show. He wants his life back. He wants to work. Many men do need to work to fulfill that need and their confidence to provide for their family. He feels he is forced to stay home with his kids so his wife, Kate, can go out and travel, speaking and doing book signings. I cannot comment on if he has had an affair because nobody’s really telling the truth, so who knows. His wife has left him, in some ways, for the show and the fame. This is evident. This is not an excuse, but husband's that stray usually have non existent wives or the man just can not be faithful. Jon had been faithful, so it goes back to having a non existent (or controlling) wife.

Kate loves fame, attention and the $25-$50,000 ($1-2 million this season alone, not including the books sales) they are claimed to get per episode. The just moved into a million some odd dollar home with 24 acres and they need the show to pay the mortgage or something. Yes, I realize they have 8 kids, but if your husband is done, it’s done! I think if Kate had to pick between her husband and the show going on, she would pick the show. She would never admit to that, however. She also was very harsh, almost rude, regarding her husband in People magazine. I'm sorry, they are still married. Since neither of them are really telling what went on with Jon, she is just looking plain bad for saying the things she has said about Jon. Jon is I think he is getting the raw end of the deal because she is loud and voicing her side. I like his quiet side better. She said on the season premiere that the kids called her by the baby sitters name. Okay, that is sad, especially sad considering she CAN JUST STAY HOME! She does not HAVE to travel, speak, etc, when they make that kind of money per episode. She always says that the show allows them to stay home with their kids. Really? Why aren’t you at home then?

I guess I liked the show because of the things they did with the kids, the places they took them, etc. I do not like watching someone’s horrible personal life in reality. I did watch, however, the entire episode. I am hopeful that the show will not continue down this dramatic path of reality divorce. I, for one, do not want to see that!

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