Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm Sick

There is a poem by Shel Siverstein titled, "I'm Sick," that is fitting for our family the last few days. Addison started it with a bad cough, cold, fever, loss of appetite, etc, that she shared with Alivia, Asher and Chris (for whatever reason, I have only gotten a mild sore throat for a few hours so far). Yesterday, Chris stayed home for work (being asthmatic, colds tend to be worse for him and the inhaler is out all day so he can breath), Asher cried all day, and Alivia stayed home from school. Then came last night. At 10, as I sat down to watch a few minutes of the news, Alivia woke crying, "My stomach hurts." Oh boy...now what! At 3:30 AM, Chris and I had still not slept! Alivia slept for 10 minutes here and there. At 4 AM, she finally went to sleep until 7, waking saying she was hungry! She never actually got sick, but moaned all that time in pain from her stomach and ear. By morning, she was fine, no complaints, ear feeling better.

Asher, Alivia and Chris are still sick today, having problems breathing, congested and coughing. Fevers seem down today, however. I see no piggy tails...so I think we are good there, too. So, here's to hoping we are on the mend!


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