Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Trip to the Zoo

May Trip to the ZooAsher telling me to "Look"Now those are some big ears!Snacktime...Asher feeds NikkiIMAX time in 3D

May's trip to the zoo usually is Alivia's birthday. However, this year, Alivia's birthday falls on Memorial Day, making it one of those days we probably do NOT want to go to the zoo because it will be a ZOO! Today's trip was special because Aunt Nikki came along. She is in town because her home sold and she is moving out her things (she now lives in Parker, Colorado). After picking up Nikki from the airport, grabbing her some unhealthy breakfast, we went to the zoo. On many of our trips, we are the only ones at the zoo. Today was not one of those days. Today it seemed like every school and daycare in the area decided to make it zoo field trip day. It was so bad that if I was there alone, I may have called it a day sooner because of all the traffic at the exhibits
We began the day as we always do at the jungle, then the Kingdom of the night (whew, that place stinks!). Then, Aunt Nikki wanted to see the penguins at the aquarium, and then we visited the jungle. I had gotten my zoo email last night that said they had a special on the IMAX - so we went to the 11AM showing of the IMAX Under the Sea 3D with Jim Carrey! It was a really good one! The 3D glasses rocked, but the girls did not want to wear them. Funny thing is, Asher wore them without a problem. He sat quietly on my lap, falling asleep within the first 10 minutes. Addison followed his lead, falling asleep on Aunt Nikki's lap, while Alivia finished off the popcorn and lunch items I had brought along. This is my second IMAX movie and would highly recommend them. This one was 45 minutes, long enough without being too long. They are very kid friendly (and I went to the first one with the kids without help).

We had to end our visit to the zoo after the movie so Alivia could get to preschool. It was a fun morning!

Night nightAddison sleeps, Nice Glasses KKSporting nice frames

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