Sunday, May 03, 2009

1st Half Marathon

Today I completed my first half marathon, 13.1 about 1hr and 41 min unofficially - putting into account that it was 1 minute into the run when I crossed the starting line (4 minutes faster than my goal of 1 hour and 45 minutes). This was Chris' first one too, but he did the whole distance on his bike! What kinda cheerleader is that!

I started off fast. I have a watch that gives me my pace. I looked down at it and I was running 8.7 (similar to 8.7 on the treadmill). In other words, I started off WAY TOO FAST! I was DEAD to the world at mile 10-11, feeling sick. I actually had to stop as I thought I was going to be sick, which I never do. I think my blood sugar dropped. Once it does that, it is too late to eat, so I had to run through the it. Some nice told me to get going (I think I was his pacer). I ran with him to the end. He nicely told me how far we had to go - 1/2 mile, how the course was to the finish. I believe he finished with me, and I wanted to thank him, but was feeling REAL sick at that point. The volunteers moved me off the path and stayed with me for a moment to make sure I was not going to get sick on the course.

Along my side the whole way...Chris, riding his bike. I lost him at a few places and then he would pop in to give me a high five! I love you, Topher!

Overall, the Lincoln Marathon is very organized. They have plenty of volunteers, cheer leaders, water stops, etc. I loved how we started according to pace, 7m, 8m mile pace, etc. It is NOT a flat course, however. It may be MORE flat than the Omaha marathon (from what I hear), but it NOT flat.

What did I learn? Start slow. NEVER, NEVER PASS YOUR PACER! That is what got me the most. If I would have followed my pink short pacer..I would have made it fine. She slowed on a hill and I passed her. She later passed me as she went on to complete the full marathon. She was experienced, so I should have followed her all the way HOME I also learned to get up, wait a couple hours, and then run when I am training just as I will do on race day. Also, do not drink. I just took splashes of water, but it gave me a stomach ache since I was not used to drinking on the run. I can not drink and run, I guess. And maybe, when training, eat some sugar so it does not drop to the point mine did (of no return). I finished hours ago, and I am still sick!

I finished, sore, sick and exhausted, but I finished. I am not saying I will run another one, and I am not saying I will run the full, ever! I am saying I finished. I am about to shower and take a nap. That is about as far into the future I can see now.

One check off my bucket list (& I'm afraid a full marathon would make me kick the bucket).

Pre RunPre run line upAll the runnersMile 12 (I AM DEAD SICK!)...and guy in blue was my buddyIm Done!!

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O'Toole said...

CONGRATS!!! I knew you could do it!!! I am SO impressed! It brought tears to my eyes looking at the pic of you crossing the finish line :)

Austin Family said...

Thanks. And, I think I probably had tears in my eyes as I crossed the finish line too (tears of pain!). :)