Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Kids' 1st Overnight

The kids had their first overnight visit away from home without Mommy and Daddy EVER last night at Grandma Bet's and Boppa Bills. Alivia has stayed with overnight with them before when Addison was born. Addison and Asher, however, have not ever stayed ANYWHERE without us before. My parents had offered several times, but it never worked out for us to take them up on their offers. Chris and I were predicting it to be difficult on them when we left.

We arrived to the farm and Alivia became quiet, just different than her normal excited self when we arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's. Once we said we were going to leave, she broke down into tears. Now, keep in mind, she was awake at 2 AM and at 6 AM and I am not sure if she went back to sleep in between those times. So, being tired may have contributed. We eventually reassured her that we would return, and then left. Oh no, then Asher started in. When the door shut, Asher was crying. It was really difficult to hear. I guess after we left, he went to the door and asked, "Where's Mommy?" a few times. When my Dad said she went running, he asked, "Why?" and then walked off. Not sure he knows what why means, just that Addison always responds with why. Alivia and Addison asked a couple times, but were easily reassured of our return on today to pick them up.

We left them before dinner yesterday. Exhausted after getting a little nap because of a home showing, they all went right to bed. Asher even slept in until 9 AM! Today they were busy baking cookies, coloring and playing. Asher even played with Grandpa's football. They all, unfortunately, came down with a cold/cough/fever. Addison is over it - but shared it with Asher and Alivia.

Meanwhile, Chris and I enjoyed a very quiet pasta dinner (carbo loading) without having to get up one time for anything! It seemed so weird to have our home so quiet. We found all kinds of time to actually talk - which we get little time for anymore! We missed the kids so much, though, but knew they would never be able to get up for the 4:30 AM wake up call let alone a 13.1 mile run.

Tonight, the kids were all so tired & sick, that Alivia was asleep in bed by 6:30 with Asher and Addison following about 25 minutes later. I am thinking tomorrow will be a sick day at home, maybe for all of us!

Perhaps we need to do these overnight visits more often. It appears all of our kids need a little parental separation, especially Asher. He seems a bit traumatized by the whole experience, now afraid that I am "going on a run" whenever I leave the room!

Thank you Grandma Bet and Boppa Bill! We hope they will agree to watch our kids again soon if they are not too traumatized by their night with our 3!

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