Monday, May 25, 2009

Alivia Turns 5 Years Old!

Today was Alivia's 5th Birthday! Alivia is such a big girl! Alivia's favorite interests are: Clothes and picking out her clothes, drawing and coloring, riding her bike "without training wheels," movies, ladybugs and butterflies, swimming and doing water activities, and playing with her friends. Alivia has surprised us by becoming a little bit outgoing. She is usually the first one out of the kids to try things, depending upon what it is. Her favorite foods are totinoes pizza (I know, yuck), Mamas pizza and onion rings, and any food one would label as junk food. Alivia is quite the helper. She helps unload the dishwasher, but is losing that job to Addison and Asher who love to help Mommy with that. Alivia on occasionly helps with dishes, clearing the table, picking up toys, and is quite organized (when she wants to be) in cleaning her room. I think Mommy's clean fleakish behavior, more so lately for obvious reasons, has shed off on Alivia a bit. Alivia is very loving, giving hugs and kisses out of the blue. Alivia and Addison are quite close. Alivia is always concerned that Addison is okay if she is upset and is quick to share with her, typically. Alivia even let Addison help her open her birthday presents today! She continues to be a sensitive little girl, shy around other kids at least at school. She does well playing with kids at the park and making friends easily though. She is excited about kindergarten and is slowing collecting things to get ready, like a new backpack, new clothes, lunchbox, etc. Chris and I are confident she will be ready for kindergarten, we are just not sure we will be!

So how did she celebrate turning 5? Well, we celebrated with the party 10 days ago, at school last Wednesday and then today. She has had a lot of birthday celebrations! Today we went to Iowa for the Memorial Day Service, then out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a little BBQ. Addison and I got up at 5 AM, so we were exhausted and came home right after lunch so we could take a nap. Alivia and Daddy watched movies. Then, we all got up and Alivia ran through the sprinklers and rode her bike. We celebrated with an DQ icecream cake. Alivia liked it...yeah! (She generally does not like cake). We then went back out and took a long bike and wagon ride. It was a fun night. Alivia and Chris may go see a movie tomorrow afternoon (Chris took a vacation day tomorrow).

It is difficult for us to believe that Alivia is now 5 years old. We have talked about it for months, but for it to actually be here is sad. Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday that we brought home our 4lb 15 oz tiny baby girl. And now look at her!

Happy Birthday Alivia Grace! We love you!


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O'Toole said...

Happy Birthday Alivia!!! I can't beleive it's been 5 years already!