Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where's Your Will?

Chris and I have a will, and we have had one since right after Alivia was born. A tragic accident recently took the lives of one of my high school running mates and her husband, leaving behind their two small children.

This horribly sad accident got Chris and I thinking...are we prepared if this were to happen to us?

Well, yes, but mostly no.

We really have nobody to ask to care for our kiddos in the event that Chris and I are no longer able to do so ourselves. We selected our parents in our will. But, now that we are older and thinking about this, our parents are retired. They would be in their 70's by the time our children are graduated from high school. Although Chris and I are sure that either of our parents would be happy to raise our children, we realize now that they should not be the only option.

When we look to our friends, we really do not know anyone that could take our kids. Our family and friends already have their own families to care for. They really do not have room in their homes or wallets for 3 more kids. We would not think of having them split up...that would just be awful. And, we would hate to see them end up with the State.

After doing some research, I have learned a few things.
1. If someone is not selected or suitable at the time of our death, the court will appoint just about anyone who applies and seems fit. It could be someone that Chris and I would never approve of.
2. There could be a court battle. In our case, the court battle would be for who does NOT want to care for our kids, not the other way around, unfortunately.
3. Even worse, the kids could be given away to a family who does not want them and neglects them or end up in foster care.

So, Chris and I have some major decisions to make...and quickly. Because accidents are not planned, we need to be prepared. We do not want to avoid making the decision because it is just too tough to think about.

Off to get willed, again. Wish us luck!

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