Friday, August 13, 2010

Our week...In water

While other kiddos went back to school, we were enjoying Alivia's last week of summer break. We visited 3 pools, our third being today to Oak Hills Country Club. There were only a handful of people there, so it was awesome! And, Daddy came along with us! Cousins Henry and Ben were already there swimming with Grandma and Grandpa, so the kids were able to play with them for a bit, too. It was really fun! This pool is the only one I could get Chris to go to all summer. Nice and quiet is his perfect place to be.

Alivia has really advanced this summer. She swims with less fear. Next summer hopefully she will perfect her stroke. She even jumped off the diving board and swam to the side. This is a big deal for a little girl afraid of the water.

Addison has improved some. At Zorinsky yesterday, she relaxed a little and moved her arms and kicked her legs. She even jumped in off the side. Now today, she would not hardly get her toes wet. She cried when I insisted that she get in the water. We will see how she does in swimming lessons in 2011. We plan on putting Addison and Asher in lessons together.

Asher has less fear than the girls. Perhaps it is a boy thing. He is now able to jump in from the side and go under. He is not swimming underwater as he swims though, opting to kick his legs and move his arms well while I hold him. He has amazed me with his lack of fear and complete trust in Chris and I. He is so much different than our timid girls!

I believe I will keep up the swimming through the winter months. We love the water and just can not let go of summer!

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