Thursday, August 26, 2010

Addison's 1st Day of Sacred Heart Preschool

Addi - 1st day of preschool1st Day of PreschoolSacred HeartA place to hang her bag...she's a flower!This is how I left her...Pick up time
It's my first day of preschool,
a day that's bittersweet,
So just in case you need 'em,
I've packed a little treat.
There are lots of hugs and kisses,
(a little tissue too),
so see you in a little while,
and remember I love you!

(The above poem was handed to me by Addison's teacher with a baggie of hugs and cute! I, of course, cried).

Today was Addison's first day at the Sacred Heart Preschool (the preschool associated with Saint Columbkille Catholic Church in Papillion). Addison was really excited about going. She was looking forward to meeting new friends and learning new things.

We arrived about 8:10, just in time (I drop Alivia off at 8 so that I can get Addi to school within the time frame. The teacher is aware that she may be late, though). Addison hung up her backpack and went into the classroom with the other kids. Addi beelined over to the babies and began playing. She could care less that I was leaving. I gave her a big squeeze and kiss, and Asher and I were on our way. I never looked back at her so I did not cry! But Addison never shed a tear.

Asher and I kept ourselves busy this morning, but we could not wait to pick up Addison. We arrived in time to see her running and playing with her friends on the playset. Addison said she had a fun day and played with Jason, a little boy in her class. She can't wait to go back on Tuesday.

As a special treat, we ended her morning by having a picnic lunch at a park near Daddy's work while watching fighter jets (The Thunderbirds) fly over practicing for the airshow! How cool is that! Now, we have Asher saying, "I want to be a fighter pilot!"

Addison...the preschooler. Kinda has a big girl sound to it, but I will get used to it.
Poem, hugs n kisses and a tissue from the teacher...1st Art1st ArtPicnic with DaddyPark by Daddy's WorkWeeee...Airshow cool!

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