Sunday, August 29, 2010

11th Wedding Anniversary

This weekend, Chris and I enjoyed celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. On Friday evening, we drove the kids to my parent's farm to stay 2 nights! When my mom asked, I hesitated. Watching our kids for 1 night overnight is a big gift, but 2 nights?! But, after some encouragement from Chris, I said, "Okay."
Friday night we just ate a peaceful dinner at Panera in Papillion. We ate outside near by the waterfall. It was quiet and peaceful and without interruption.
Saturday morning, I got up as usual and went on a jog. I arrived home to find Chris gone on his run, so I chased him down on my bike and biked with him as he ran.
After our run, we quickly got cleaned up and headed out for our day out alone without our kids. What to do, what to do?! We first went to 2 farmer's markets in search of the perfect zucchini or 2. We found 3, 2 tiny ones on 120th and I, and one huge one at the Village Pointe farmers market. We briefly stopped into Old Navy at VP before traveling to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at new cameras. All of the pictures I have been sharing have been courtesy of a borrowed camera from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was nice to see, touch and feel the different cameras to find what we liked. (In the end, however, Nebraska Furniture Mart was not the best priced, so we ordered it online!). We browsed through the bookstore before traveling to Dundee for lunch.
Chris wanted to take me to Pitch in Dundee for lunch for quite some time. But, since we never get out of the house without kids, we never got there. We arrived in Dundee to find it was Dundee Days! It was crazy! But, after finding a parking place and walking through the crowds of people, the restaurant was empty. Sweet! We each ordered a coal fired pizza, and the pizza were amazing! The restaurant is really cool looking and the food is something different. It was a unique place to eat, and we would recommend it.
We then traveled home and chilled awhile outside. Chris and I just enjoyed the peace and quiet. We then jumped on the motorcycle and took a ride to Chris' parents' house to play on their new ping pong table. How fun! It had been years since we played. I had not been on the motorcycle in years, either, and had completely forgot how to ride it with Chris. By the end of our weekend, I am an old pro and love it.
We ended the evening chilling at home, watching the Thunderbirds perform in the airshow and over our home, before retiring to watching movies. Ahh..the quiet house.
This morning Chris and I ran together. I then made Chris his favorite zucchini bread, and we watched another movie while the bread baked. MMmmm!
It was a amazingly fun weekend. I am so glad we took my parents up on the 2 nights! We have NEVER done that, and it was so nice! I can hardly wait until the next anniversary (if they will ever do this again). And, we are so lucky that we got married twice! :)
Happy 11th Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Chris! And many more...
Thunderbird ShowSomething in Asher's Shirt at G and GsChillin' at Grandma and GrandpasHome 5 minutes...and already into troubleOff they go!

The above "Cars" are called, "Plasma Cars." They were such a huge family hit...that we had to have 3! We would totally recommend these fun toys!

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