Friday, August 27, 2010

August Day at the Forest

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What a beautiful day for a stroll through the Fontenelle Forest. would have been nicer if the bugs would have left us alone...but it was still pretty!

We had a play date this morning at the forest with our friends Ms. Kim and Keegan, who is 3 (Alivia's friend Nyah's Mommy and brother). The kids had a lot of energy as they RAN through the boardwalk, barely stopping to look at the display of bugs. We then went to acorn acres where I thought we would spend the morning. Seriously, the mosquitoes were everywhere and hungry! The bug spray did a minimal job of keeping them off. I have not noticed that Addi and Asher got bit, but Ms. Kim and Keegan got a couple bites. :(

We then went to the cool indoors to play downstairs before calling it a morning. What a fun way to spend a cooler, but beautiful morning with the kids and friends!

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