Thursday, August 05, 2010

Still Sick...

Last Thursday I took the kids to the Omaha Children's Museum.
Friday morning, Addison woke up with a sore throat and Alivia was vomiting. Nice. Went to the Dr. for Addi (Alivia was fine by the mid afternoon). The pediatrician said the strep test was negative, but he would culture. He gave Addi an antibiotic because she had all the symptoms of strep with little blisters on the back of her throat. It looked awful! He said he would call if it was not positive, that is how positive he was that it would be positive. Well, I never heard from him and just figured it was. And, within 48 hours, she was better. Or, at least over that portion of the symptoms.

Next came Asher. He had some lower GI issues Saturday and Sunday and was extremely clingy and crabby. Extremely. Oh, and he had a nice little fever (103 range) to go along with everything. Nice.

Sunday Alivia had a fever (102-103) and did not eat, but she never eats. She was really lethargic, but really did not have any other complaints. Said she felt better by bedtime. Tuesday she said she was fine, but we had a play date. I am not sure how much was acting. Asher was into day 4 of being a cling on, but he freaked when I tried to take his temp (but he felt okay to the touch). So, who knows. Tuesday night, Alivia was a mess and was sent to bed. She complained of a sore throat and a blister on her lip. Wednesday, again, another play date, Alivia said she was fine. She played on and off but I could tell she was not to par. She collapsed when her friend left. By today though, she is better. No more sore throat. Oh...and this strange blister was the leading complaint on Tuesday...but I did not think anything of it.

Tuesday night, Addison was awake a large portion of the night with vomiting. She is so tiny, I do not know where she gets her energy. She wakes and can not wait to go shopping with Grandma Kathy on Wednesday. Her temp was normal, so Chris tells me to send her. He knew that telling her she could not go would ruin her day! She had a little GI bout that day but has been fine since. Knock on wood.

Wednesday...I am sick too. I got worse by the evening. I noticed when I went to bed that I have blisters all over the back of my tongue. My friend reports her kids had this while on vacation last week, complaining their tongues hurt. Well, I have blisters on my throat, too. By this morning, Thursday, my gums and cheeks are swollen. Lovely. I feel exhausted. This is the second day I have not ran and I rarely skip 2 days in a row. I am just a mess. Tonight, I feel better somewhat. I am still drinking a lot of ice water (feels good. Juice burns the throat something awful) and eating ice cream like there is no tomorrow. Too bad I can not taste it.

So, as the kids went to bed tonight, Alivia and Addison claim to be all better. This is the first day Alivia has gone without medicine in a while. She was asking for something for a fever, headache or something all week. And, she rarely asks for medicine (she hates it). Addison is always the last to tell me anything, but she claims to be healthy, too. Asher, he was raring to go today. He is still being a cling on, but who knows what that is about. He told me, "Don't leave me Mommy," when I put him to bed. What? What does that mean? Really weird. So, I am sitting in my rocking chair in our bedroom while he falls asleep at the very end of his bed so he can watch me. Ahhh...Mommy love. :)

Meanwhile...Chris is fine. Totally fine (knock on wood).

Let's just say...the Children's Museum is not my favorite place at the moment. We did not have THAT much fun! I had big plans for the last weeks of summer...and being sick was not in the mix. At least I finished the back to school shopping

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O'Toole said...

Riley had that weird blister throat thing too!!! Ky also had a little fever but I don't know about any blisters as he can't really tell me about them! but he was a cling on too. Hope all is well now!

Austin Family said...

I have heard a lot of kiddos getting it since we have. Chris is now into day 3 of having it now...<sigh>