Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alivia, The 1st Grader!

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Alivia began her 1st grade year at Bell Elementary this morning!

Last night was Bell's open house where Alivia was able to meet her teacher, Ms. Erickson, look around the 1st grade classroom, see some familiar faces, and just get used to the idea that she was going to be in the 1st grade. We came home and she was super excited about beginning her new adventure, and this year I am more confident that she is ready.

Alivia is has worked hard this summer working on the first grade sight words. She found it annoying at first to go through flash cards, but she found it fun when she was able to go through all of them and know them. She also worked on first grade preparation workbooks. Alivia is a very eager learning, which makes teaching her fun. I was amazed how far she has come during the summer. Alivia needed a little boast of confidence, so hopefully knowing a little bit going into first grade will help her succeed. We just started to read chapter books together. She reads a chapter from a level 2 book and then I read a chapter to her of Junie B. Jones. Some parents may disagree, but these little books are the funniest books! We love reading them. We both look forward to quiet time and night time so we can read another chapter. I would highly recommend them!

Anyway, Alivia was awake this morning before 7 out of excitement. She was dressed and ready to go by 7:30. After a few pictures, we were on our way to walk to school for the 8:15 start time (she was only in school until 11:40 today). We got almost up the hill and it began to sprinkle. Addison and Asher were in the covered stroller...so they did not mind. Alivia hardly missed a beat. Once at school, all the kids and parents were inside of school. It was nuts! Addi, Asher and I walked Alivia to the door of her 1st grade class, said a quick good-bye and Addi, Asher, and I were on our way home in the pouring rain. Alivia did fine and so did I! It helped that today was only a 1/2 day and we knew Alivia would be home in a few hours.

When I picked her up, Alivia was quite excited. She reported coloring, working on puzzles and seeing a lot of new and familiar faces. She said they introduced themselves with their name and favorite food, and Alivia said her favorite food was bananas! Good girl!

It is official, Alivia is a first grader...at last!

Alivia, 1st Grader at Last!L-R Asher, Addison & AliviaRainy 1st Day1st Grade at BellWalking to Class1st Grade Room

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