Sunday, August 08, 2010

Family of 5 or 6?

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Chris and I have been "talking" about "maybe" having one more baby. Crazy? Yes, admittedly, it is crazy. All of our kids are now potty trained, in big beds, sleeping through the night, and have their own rooms. Why mess things up, right?

We are only considering at the moment and the cards are mostly falling on the "no" side. This would not be an issue at all if we had "fixed" things so it could not happen. I have had the baby urge for a while, and Chris always said that we were done. Whoever says no wins in this situation, so the talks ended. Then, an incident happened where we thought we were expecting our 4th...for a week actually. For some reason, that changed Chris' mind somewhat and he opened the talks back up again.

I am not going to write a pro and cons to having a 4th baby or anything but here is why we are considering yes and why we are considering no, in no particular order.


* My Grandma Vera told me we were going to have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, just like she did. That stuck with me. Why did she think that just months before her passing?At the time, I laughed, "I think you are wrong on that one, Grandma," or was she?

* The girls would love another baby. We did take a vote, Alivia said no, keep things the way they are. Addison said yes. Asher said yes, but I don't think his vote should count. I asked him, he said yes, then asked if he could have more cocoa puffs. I am not sure he even knows what we are talking about!

* Because we can. There is always room in a heart and home for another baby...isn't there?


* One more means a whole lot more of a lot of things...clothes, money spent on activities, college, weddings, vacations, etc etc. Seriously, to eat out we would have to sell a kidney. Who are we kidding anyway, we don't eat out now because our kids don't eat when we eat out unless we get McDonalds, Subway, or Mamas Pizza.

* Overwheming perhaps. 

* We just moved and our kids are already stressed STILL from that. We hate to throw more stress at them with another baby. Let's face it, babies are quite stressful to siblings.

* We are old. This is a major factor. If we had baby number 4, Chris would be 44 and I would be 41 when the child entered Kindergarten! Seriously, some people are grandparents at 44! We would like to have our kids grown and out of the house (if at all possible) before we enter assisted living.

* We are all adjusted. The kids have their rooms and their beds. We would have to toss things up a bit after the baby was born once we knew if baby was a boy or girl. Who would have to get bunk beds? Would they mind after having their own room? The kids are all situated now, sleep through the night, and are potty trained. Are we up for doing it again? They say the adjustment is the most difficult from 2 to 3 kids (which was difficult) and from 3 to 4 is not as difficult. But, I find that hard to believe. Mommy and Daddy are even more outnumbered.

Clearly, at this point, the no's outweigh the yes's. Chris and I don't think we would regret our decision either way...but for now we are sitting tight with our family of 5 and feel quite blessed. Well, as long as God agrees with us.

Well, if it is between a vacation for Chris and I or having a baby, I better start planning that vacation for Chris and I.

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