Monday, August 23, 2010

Preschool Parent's Night

The days are narrowing down until Addison begins her last year of preschool. Tonight was the parent's information night at Sacred Heart Preschool. I wanted Chris to go with me, but at the last minute, it became not possible. So, I went alone to yet another event where "both parents are encouraged to attend."

I have decided that I am not sure preschool is necessary. Yes, I know they need socialization and all. But, Alivia went to preschool and she still gets upset when she goes to school. So, I am not sure it helped. I am buying things to work with the kids at home, too, since Addison will only go twice a week. Addison is growing excited about going, so we have to be excited for her. But, I really just need to hold her hand a bit longer.

So, tomorrow, Chris is getting out of work to go to the Open House at Addison's preschool so Chris can see the school, help me show Addison around, and hold my hand while I hold Addison's hand...even if it is for just a bit longer.

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