Sunday, August 01, 2010

Progress towards 2010 Goals

Now that we are 6 months into 2010, it is time to evaluate how we are doing on our 2010 goals. Eeck...kinda forgot about them this year. Oops.

1. Invest more, spend less: We have had to spend a lot of money on our home, so this has been difficult. We have canceled the drop in the bucket called cable and started to save $30/week extra (an extra $10/child/week) for college. With our out-of-sight per year real estate taxes coming up, this will become more and more challenging.

2. Finish the Austin 2008 & 2009 photo book and FINALLY finish Addison's 1st year scrapbook (that I am doing by hand - not digital): 2008 - check. 2009 - I am working on December so almost done. Addison's first year...well, not done. At least she has a digital one.

3. Family vacation and a trip for Chris and I. Well, we enjoyed 2 family vacations and we have one more outing scheduled for 2010. As for Chris and my trip - we are either going to have another baby or take a trip. That is still up in the air. :)

4. Have all our kids (including Chris) potty trained. CHECK!! Yeah! Well, Chris is always a work in progress.

5. I have a goal of my take better care of myself. I am getting tired of feeling like a slumpy mommy. It is time I start combing my hair, wearing more make up and wearing clothes without spit up stains on them: Well...I have not really done this. It is just enough to keep the house cleaned and the kids clothed. I guess I have something to work on in the next 5 months.

7. Eat healthier, cook more, & exercise: Always a work in progress. Chris and I are both working out/running regularly, however challenging. Out eating...well, it needs work.

Alivia is progressing towards her goal of reading more, just completing the Summer Reading Program. Addison did not give up her taggie before she turned 4, unfortunately. And, Asher has been potty trained.

Better get to work in the next 5 months before 2011 is here.

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