Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alivia's 1st week of 1st Grade

Alivia is nearly one week into her 1st grade year. The first day, being half day, went well. Alivia went right into school without a tear. Then, gave day 2 and 3, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday, we walked to school and arrived just missing the 1st grade class walking into school. So, I walked Alivia into her room. When we arrived at her class, he said she was going to miss us and began to cry. It was heartbreaking. I had to walk away with her crying because I knew it was just going to get worse the longer I stood there. The teacher walked her into her class, and she reported Alivia was doing better within a half hour.

On Thursday, I had decided that I would not walk Alivia into class. We arrived in time for the 1st grade class to walk in, but Alivia still would not go. I even had her girlfriend wait with us, but Alivia still would not go inside. So, the school counselor came out and walked Alivia in (She is awesome!). By Friday, Alivia walked in all by herself without a tear. I, however, drove to class because it was raining. I am not sure what helped, if anything, but I am hoping it is a new trend.

Alivia reports meeting new friends and still playing with many of her previous friends. Alivia continues to be more shy than outgoing, but I believe she is getting better. She reports after school what they do each on sight words, read to the teacher, beginning math, etc. In the 1st grade, we have not gotten a news letter yet, but I am hoping it will come. In Kindergarten we received a newsletter each week of what they were working on in class and what we should be working on at home. It helped. This week, Alivia has been so tired after school that it is difficult to even get her to read to us at night. I believe it is time for some new Junie B Jones Books!

We are on our way...bumpy or comes Alivia, the 1st Grader!

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