Thursday, August 19, 2010

Play Date with the Boys

This morning we hosted a play date...with 3 boys! The kids' cousins, Henry (3 yo) and Ben (1yo), along with the kids' friend Keegan (3 yo) who lives up the street. Addison  and Asher really play well with Henry and I thought it would be fun to have them all play together.

Keegan came after the school drop off with his Mommy. His sister, Nyah, is in Alivia's 1st grade class, and we have had play dates with them since last spring. Henry and Ben arrived shortly after 9. Henry and Ben were shy at first, but Henry warmed up. Ben...well, not so much. Baby Ben I don't think is used to much commotion, and he seemed a bit overwhelmed. He also did not like it when I had to help someone in the potty or step away to get snacks or help someone play. He liked to be right by me. Addison, Henry and Keegan played well together. Asher, on the other hand, could not find his place. If he wanted me, I seemed to be busy with Ben or something else. Asher became quite naughty and not himself. Humm...I got the impression that he did not like a baby in his way! But, on the nice side, Asher did try to soothe Baby Ben when Ben became upset because I was helping Asher in the potty. It was a cute moment.

It was a busy, but fun morning. I learned some things...keep play dates calmer. Today was far from calm. I felt like I completed a 1/2 marathon and I had help! But, we will do it again...very soon. We always do!

Here is a picture of the 3 cousins (Keegan had gone home and Ben wanted nothing to do with a picture).

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