Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Visit to the Zorinsky Aquatic Center

Today we FINALLY visited the Zorinsky Aquatic Center. We arrived right at noon and the pool was at capacity by 12:30. It was seriously hot at 96 (but our car said 106 when we got in after swimming!). We had heard that if you do not arrive at noon that it may be at capacity, and that is no joke, even with some schools back in session!

The pool itself is a much smaller version of the Fremont Pool. It has a little kid slide station much like what is found at Fremont (but not as nice really), zero entry without the splashing water as you come in (much better for the little ones) and 2 huge water slides. The pool itself is so small. Really, why did they make it so small? At capacity, it was not near as crowded as Papio Bay, though. We could move in the water and there was space on the sides of the pool to jump and play. With that said, the Mommies block the zero entry and the sides, which is kinda annoying. But, on a day like today, who could blame them.

Alivia loved the slide station, selecting the tube slide as her favorite. She swam within view but independently going down the slides. Addison and Asher played near the slides in the zero entry or in the area below where the tube slide came out. They did not care where they were at really. We then played in the deeper areas (4 foot - the pools deepest area is 6 ft or something and there is no diving). Alivia likes to jump in and swim. It took Addi a long time just to get in but she is getting better with relaxing and being less of a board in water. I think she is becoming less afraid, finally. Asher has little fear. He likes to jump in off the side and swim around, while I hold him up of course. Addi and Asher will take lessons in the spring. I believe that by next summer, Asher will no longer want to swim with Mommy...Wah! There will always be Addison...right?

It was a fun afternoon. With temperatures so hot, I could have stayed there all day. Addison was getting tired, so we had to go.

Want to visit Zorinsky's Pool? Items to bring:
Sunscreen, towels, swimsuit (obvious) and swim diapers for the babies
Cash: As with all the pools we visited, cash and sometimes checks are all that is accepted.
Pool toys - Zorinsky's zero entry offers a great space for the little ones to play with their buckets and pool toys.
Snacks and drinks - Yeah...another pool that allows coolers! I did not know that, but I did bring in snacks and a drink anyway. People had larger coolers in there. That is such a perk!
Also, you may want to bring your own chair. I could care less because I can sit on a towel and like to bring in as few things as possible since I go alone (and typically am carrying a child). But, I saw people bring in chairs. There is a shortages of chairs and shade at this pool.

So, this summer we visited Oak Heights, Papio Bay, Fremont Pool, Oak Hills Private Pool (Grandma and Grandpa's pool), and now Zorinsky. We like Fremont probably best...but it is just too far away from us now. We really like Oak Heights and that is probably our favorite. The slides there are great for the kids (Addi and Asher just love them). The pool just has a lot to offer and is rarely at capacity. Next year Alivia may be ready for the bigger slide there or even the diving boards! So, next would be Zorinsky. For our kids' age ranges, it is fun. The slide area is not so good for Addi and Asher who want to go down the slide without the threat of water being dumped on their heads (Addi went down once and Asher went down three times). Fremont is like that, too. The dumping tower at Zorinsky is much smaller than Fremont, but you still get VERY wet for a very long time. It about knocked Asher to the ground when it hit us when we were not expecting it. Oak Hills would be next, but it is private country club pool. We liked the peace and quiet of going there the one time we visited. We would like to go tomorrow again if the rain holds off.  I am not sure I would even put Papio Bay on the list. It was awful and unsafe. We will probably just skip visiting there next year. Seriously, they need to close at capacity so people can swim! Papio Bay is closest to us but we only visited there once. That says a lot.

We had a fun summer in the water. We hope to go to the pool weekly again next summer! Until then...

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