Saturday, August 07, 2010

August Day at the Zoo

Today we attended the Waddell & Reed Day at the Zoo with Chris' parents and Chris' brothers kids. I think everyone in Omaha and the surrounding communities was at the zoo was crazy! With our special yellow arm bracelet, we were able to go on the carousel, train, IMAX and a picnic lunch for free! It was wonderful! It was super hot, but we adjusted. The crowds were more annoying than the heat.

We visited the gorillas and the bears before making our way to the carousel. I can't remember when the last time was I took the kids on the carousel, and I really don't know why we don't do it more! The kids loved it! Next we went to the petting zoo before making our way to the line for the train, which did not open until 11. We got right on with our yellow wrist bans (awesome!) and took the full route. We love the train! You get to see so many animals on the train without marching all over in the heat. Next we went by the seals before catching the Waddell & Reed Lunch. It was a good lunch, but of course our kids ate chips and the cookies.

After lunch, the kids played on the Rainbow play sets right there by the seals. We then decided to beat the heat and see an IMAX. Bummer...the next one showing at 1 was BUGS in 3D. Oh well...better than nothing, so we signed up and got in yet another line.

Chris and I found the show interesting, but it was not very kid friendly. I find 3D cool, but it is not at all for kids. Alivia did okay, Addison slept, and the 3D glasses were way too big for Asher. Without the glasses, the show is difficult to watch at best. It was nice to sit for 45 minutes in the cool air enjoying the movie though. Sorry, I love IMAX, even if it is about disgusting bugs, mating bugs and the like.

After the movie, we were all beat. Time to go home.

We had an amazing day at the zoo! Seriously, we had so much fun!  I would not have missed this day for anything! Weekends are just not the time to visit if you want to go inside of any displays with a stroller. There are just too many people. On our way to the IMAX, we even witnessed a little boy get his arm caught in the automatic doors! Just too many people!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us and thanks to Justin (our financial  adviser, What a treat! We are ready for repeat anytime!

Noisy little guyOutside the Gorilla ComplexLooking at the GorillasBig GuyPeeping through the windowChris said this thing looked like me..?Carousel TimeAddison on her horseBoppa & AsherThe Austin Gang3 KiddosChoo Choo!The BoysHumm...where would we put #4?Let's PlayBugs in 3D

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