Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enjoying the Last of Summer

This is the last week before Alivia returns to school and to the first grade. Where did the summer go anyway?

Well, Monday Grandma Bet and Boppa Bill were to take the girls shopping. Instead, they took all of us shopping because Chris was home sick in bed with the blisters on the throat virus. Lovely. So, we all packed in the van and shopped until we dropped. Grandma found a bunch of cute things for the kids and some things they could have done without (a few sparkle balls and a stuffed horse that the kids convinced Grandma and Grandpa that they had to have). It was a fun day. When we returned home, I went to take a picture of the kids with their things and the camera just died. I took a picture in the morning and it was fine. What happened? Who knows...I just know that Chris will be getting another one PRONTO so we can take pictures of Alivia's first day of 1st Grade. Anyway, after shopping, I took the kids to meet a classmate of Alivia's to play. The girls did not talk much...but I am hoping seeing one another will make them both more excited about starting school again. We will see.

Today we wanted to go to a pool. Addison woke up and ate breakfast normally. Then, she said she was really tired and nauseated. Oh no...not again. We are on day 12 of someone in this house being sick. Well, Addison took a 1 1/2 hour nap and woke up asking for lunch. She seemed fine and said she felt all better and wanted to go swimming. So, being the stupid Mommy that I am, I believed her. We packed up and went to Oak Heights, Addison's pick. The kids played and played for 2 hours. We came home, played, ate dinner, and all seemed fine. Then I had to leave to go to a safety class at church. Addi then said she was sick and was upset that I was leaving. I was not sure if she was really sick or just wanted me to stay. Well, I had to go. So, I had to leave sick Addi in the hands of sicker Daddy. Great. 2 1/2 hours later I returned to hear that Addi was quite sick while I was gone with vomiting and some lower GI disturbance. I swear...Addi is going to disappear! She is too tiny to be sick all the time.

Tomorrow is Alivia's shopping day with Grandma Kathy. Addi went last week and just loved her day alone with Grandma. She is still talking about it. So, tomorrow it is Alivia's turn.

Then we just have a few more days until Alivia's summer break will be over. Wah! This time of year is when I always want to look into home schooling. I miss the kids when they are at school!! So, we better soak up summer before it is done!

Now...I would share pictures...if only I had a camera!

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