Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Zappos Rocks!

I have a new love.


I'm serious! My friend Bonnie told me about Zappos last spring, so I ordered Alivia's spring sneakers from there. I knew her size, ordered them up, and they were perfect. I loved the free shipping (and the no sales tax at time of order was nice, too).

Now it is back to school time. I hate this time of year. Seriously, I received the standard voice mail from the school tonight and I about cried. I will be fine once the kids are back, but I hate the idea of them going back. Anyway, that is a whole other post.

We were shopping for new pair of shoes for Addison on Monday for school. We went to Von Maur and low and behold, they did not have her size in the shoe Addison just had to have. There are really few stores around us that carry QUALITY youth shoes. Last year, I purchased to pairs of Sketchers Twinkle Toes light up shoes from Von Maur for back to school. They were $50 a piece. Within 3 weeks, both sets had holes in the soles from the light thing wearing threw the soles. The girls wore sandals more than half of the time, too. I was MAD! I returned the shoes to Von Maur where they refunded my money, and we bought quality Merrill shoes for a few dollars more. So, my new motto is buy ONE pair of shoes, with room to grow, that will last for until the girls outgrow them. I pay extra to get the quality.

After we struck out on Monday shopping in stores (we went to other stores and only found Sketchers, a brand I will never buy again) and decided to buy the exact pair of shoes Addison selected at Von Maur from Zappos. We selected our size, ordered them, and we were done. Simple. I did this at about 1 pm on Monday afternoon. At 2 pm Tuesday afternoon, UPS delivered Addison's new shoes to our door, only 25 hours later!! Amazing!!

I am now signed up for VIP Zappos, which is free, so I will always get free overnight shipping. What a nice feature!! The price of Addison's Stride rite shoes was exactly the same at Von Maur and at Zappos. However, I did not have to pay sales tax at the point of purchase, and the shoes were at my door step the next day (where Von Maur did not have them at all).  Best of all, I did not have to leave home to get them.

I am in love! I HATE shopping! I am the girl that sits at our computer and orders from Gymboree.com and Gap.com whenever I can over taking the kids to the store. I frequently order from Old Navy.com and we have an Old Navy right down the street from us, probably within a mile! Addison is the only one that likes to shop, and Alivia and Asher just cause problems. It is so much easier to see how much I am spending, what I buying, etc, when I shop online with my online shopping cart. Zappos is no exception. They have many of the brands that I love (Merrill, Stride Ride, Keen, etc) and typically have the size I am looking for in stock. I do not have to ask a person to go in the back and see, wait, etc. I just get it. And, Zappas has free shipping back if the shoes are not the right size or we just do not like them. Sold and sold.

Zappos is now my new go to store for shoes. I will now have to see what else they have to offer! I will take the kids to see what size they wear, then order the brand we want online. Done and done!
Addison's new shoes


Courtney F said...

Those shoes rock! I love shopping online, it's genius! Scott was gifted an Amazon prime membership and it is so awesome too. Yay for the internet!

Gina and Derek said...

Thanks for the tip! Just got the app tonight, so user friendly!!