Monday, August 20, 2012

Through the Years

I decided to take a look back through the years of the first day of school. With tears in my eyes, here is a look back. Our kids are sure growing up too fast.

2009 Alivia goes to Kindergarten, starting at Standing Bear, finishing at Bell.

Addison 3y, Alivia 5y, and Asher almost 2 y.

2010: Alivia goes to 1st Grade, Bell Elementary
Asher 3 1/2y, Addison 4y, Alivia 6y.

2011: Alivia in second grade and Addison now joins her at Bell Elementary starting Kindergarten.
And this year, 2012, with Alivia in the 3rd Grade, Addison in the 1st grade both at Bell and Asher starting preschool at Sacred Heart.

Time enjoy each and every moment (or at least try!).

In a row...


Courtney F said...

OH WOW! What great photos side by side! They are looking so much older and more mature. It's hard how fast they grow.

The Austin Life said...

I know, right? I can not believe how fast the time goes, especially when the kids are in school.