Wednesday, August 29, 2012

During the Day

Asher keeps my busy. Asher keeps me on my toes. Asher has an endless supply of little boy energy. I have old mommy energy and am seeking more to keep up with my little guy. :)

So, what do we do all day? Oh gees, where to begin?

Asher has several play dates during the week. This week he will end up with at least 2 play dates, if not 3. He likes meeting up with his friends so they can play. I like that he is getting used to playing with his peers, getting along with others, all while I can teach him. It is best he learns behavior from me, after all, than from preschool, his Kindergarten teacher, or from a babysitter. Asher is typically well behaved in my presence, but like any kid, he has his moments.

Play dates are sometimes with Mommies but sometimes not. His friend Xander goes to preschool on opposite days, but has the afternoons to play. While Xander's brother naps, Xander likes to come over or go to the park with us to play. The boys are about the same size and typically get along well. I love hearing their little conversations. It is too funny. Asher also meets up with other friends and we go to the zoo, the forest, Mud Pies at the forest, The Children's Museum, picnics at the park and more.

At home, Asher likes to color, work in his Handwriting without Tears books, read books, ride his bike or plasma car, swing, play soccer or baseball, or watch PBS or Netflix, which I allow him to do for a half hour after lunch for "quiet" time. He is pretty good at playing cars or trains by himself, too, something the girls never really had to do as they always had each other. He is also back to taking swimming lessons, something he loves!

And, Asher has preschool. He LOVES preschool. He is far exceeding my expectations. He is listening, playing well with the other kiddos, and looks forward to going. I'm amazed.

I'm sure this year will zoom by, so we best get off to enjoying all the moments, big and small.

Looks like someone needs a left handed baseball glove!

Walking the Forest

Playing Cowboy

At swimming lessons

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Courtney F said...

Enjoy these fun times, which it is clear you are! :-)