Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Prep

It seems that I am constantly behind on this blog lately. Life is moving, but I am falling behind.

This week as been a week of trying to chill as we prepare for the upcoming back to school day on Tuesday. Dreading it! Anyway, I had the kids select what they wanted to do each day. Usually, "nothing" was their reply. They wanted to play at home. Some days we hit the playgrounds close by, but most days they just rested and played at home. It was kind of nice, I have to say, when they all got along.

Chris is preparing for a short week to Florida, so he will miss the first day of school for the girls. He is disappointed but knows that I will do my best to document it for him through video and pictures.

When asked for summers favorites, this is how the kids responded,

Alivia: Going to the Lake twice (and everything at the lake), swimming at home, sleepover with Gabby and spending the night with Grandma Kathy (just last week).
Addison: Going to the Lake, swimming, spending the night with Grandma Kathy.
Asher: Going to the lake, going down the slide, Spending the night with Grandma Kathy.

We had a wonderful summer. I wish their was some way to make it all year around, but there is not. I will miss the girls as they start first grade and third grade this year. Crazy! Alivia has a male teacher this year, so is a little hesitant about that (and honestly, so am I for some reason). Alivia FINALLY has one of her friends in her class this year. Last year she had just one friend in her class, too, but there are only 2 left this year (the others moved away this summer). So here is to a new year of learning and making new friends. Addison is assigned to Alivia's previous first grade teacher, and we are very pleased.

Addison is in the class with one of her little friends that we have a lot of playdates with, but she is very upset her other friend is in a different class. I really would love to here the explanation why the classes change from year to year. I can see why if there are issues with children. However, if something is not broken, why are they fixing it? Unfortunately, I have no explanation for Addison other than she is there to learn in class, and she can still play with her BFF at recess and eat with her at lunch. And, she can make new friends. Alivia never did! She always found a person to do things with during class when groups had to be picked, but them when back to her friends at lunch and recess. Alivia lost friends from not seeing them during recess or lunch, too (in second grade she saw her friends very little during school). Again, I would really like to know the reasons behind the class changing every year. I came from a class of 10, so we did not have this in my tiny school. I guess I will have to google it.

Monday night is the open house, Tuesday is half day, and Wednesday it is just Asher and I at home. I will be weird, but Asher is looking forward to his Mommy time. 

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Courtney F said...

What fun end of summer pics! They are lovely with great memories. Boo to the end! My kids are getting TOO close these days so separation will be good, but the future is scary for me now. YIKES! Anyway, I hope your kids have a WONDERFUL school year! (My son has to make any real friends and his #1 competition, who keeps him motivated to keep working hard is in another class.) Here's to a wonderful school year and let's try to get together sooner than later!!!