Friday, August 24, 2012

Boys Day at the Zoo

Asher, his friend Cameron, and I set out for the zoo first thing this morning. Asher rarely sees his friend Cameron anymore now that we can not see his house from our house (Love the constant change that comes from living in an up and coming neighborhood :) ). So, today was the perfect time to get the 2 crazy boys together.

Asher is a quiet, shy boy...until he gets together with Cameron. Those 2 boys know how to keep me on my toes. I have to say, they were pretty good this morning at the zoo (I was shocked!).

We set out to see the new baby exhibits at the Lied Jungle. Oh my, these babies are adorable!! There were 2 sets of monkey babies, the spider monkey babies looked to be the youngest. They were adorable! My images appear like I was taking pictures of the babies from home. Really, I so need a zoom lens already!! Anyway, the boys had fun in the jungle. We then went through the Aquarium, the butterflies, more LOUD monkeys, the tigers and bears (oh no!), before going to see the IMAX show, Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure.

The reviews on this IMAX feature on not so great, but the boys really seemed to enjoy it. I liked it, too, as I always learn something in watching the IMAX movies offered at the zoo. It saddens me that these wonderful fish of the sea are extinct, but perhaps that is for the best (as I am sure nobody would ever swim if they were still living). I would recommend the Sea Monsters flick.

It was then lunch time. Brrr! Where did the sun go? The boys did not seem to care and they scarfed down their lunches. We decided to hit the desert dome to warm up, but it was cold in there, too! Oh well, the kids ran off some of their crazy post lunch energy. Um, I do believe they may be testing me now. :)

After the desert, playing on the jeep in the Wild Kingdom Pavilion, it was time to go play down by the red barn in the fossil dig. The boys played here for quite a while, until I just got too cold. Seriously, it was 75, cloudy and windy. I was in shorter shorts and a short sleeved shirt and was cold! The boys were fine with leaving anyway.

On the way home, the boys politely thanked me for the day at the zoo. We looked up and saw they were practicing for this weekend's airshow. The boys were so excited that I found a nice little parking lot (that said no parking) and watched for a half hour or so. I am not sure what the boys liked more, the airplanes or the zoo! Cameron said his Dad used to fly at airshows, but he doesn't anymore (but sadly not the case at all). While Asher said that his Grandpa Bill has 2 airplanes, but sadly they do not drop bombs (the airplanes practicing at the airshow were dropping fake bombs. The boys thought this was really cool).

It was a fun day. Asher has thanked me numerous times already, and he is now planning his next play date. Boys...

Watching Airplanes

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Courtney F said...

FABULOUS photos of your time at the zoo! Well done! Sounds like so much fun. Boys! Handful, yet fun!