Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Walk in the Woods

On Monday, Asher and I met our friends for a walk in the woods at Fontenelle Forest. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm (hot one may say), but perfect under the shade of the many trees in the forest.

Asher, Xander and Ben played and played at the Acorn Acres before we set off to look at the dinosaurs on display. As I have mentioned previously, the kids just really do not care about the dinosaurs. Ben, who is 1 1/2y, was the only one to really stop and look at the dinos. The older boys stopped, knew they were not real, so kept going.

We took a walk down a path making our way to the river before walking back up to the boardwalk. Ms. Bonnie got her workout carrying Ben! It was so beautiful, though, with the wind blowing through the forest and the birds happily singing. I could lay in the woods all day and just soak of the warmth and peace. But, lunchtime was approaching.

The kids played inside before Asher and I stopped for a picnic lunch outside. We have to soak up this beautiful weather while we can.

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Courtney F said...

What fun! Lovely pics of a good time. It has been hot, huh. Enjoy it. :)