Monday, August 27, 2012

Offutt Air Show: A Boys Day Out

Chris and Asher took a boys day out to go to the Offutt Air Force Base Air Show on yesterday. Asher woke us up at 7 am asking, "Do we get to go to the airshow today?" He was so excited!

The boys arrived right at 9 am to begin to check out the airplanes. Asher has airplanes in his blood, so Chris says. My Dad is a private pilot and a builder of an airplane (Now how many people can say that?! It is one thing to fly an airplane, but it is a whole other story to be able to build one!). Chris is a private pilot, too. And, Asher's middle name is Wade, after my cousin who was a pilot and commercial helicopter crop duster (and city sprayer, too, as I know he sprayed around cities a time or two. He was quite the entrepreneur building up a million dollar plus successful business before his untimely death at the age of 33). Lucky for Chris, Asher loves airplanes too and says he wants to be a pilot (and a cowboy) when he grows up. We will see about that (at least the cowboy).

The boys started with the kids zone. Asher loved the bouncers they had there this year as well as the pedal planes. I guess they were really cool pedal planes, too! They walked around and looked at the airplanes on display, finding their second love, a jeep! (Asher has a large collection of airplanes, helicopters and now jeeps). They had plenty to eat, too, splurging on kettle corn, hot dogs and even a soda! That is what I call spoiled for a day. They sat down and watched the airplanes. I do believe Asher was impressed. The boys called it a day before the end of the show so they could get out of base in a timely fashion (having parked on base).

Asher was so excited to show me the new airplane he got, as well as a Frisbee, a ball, and a certificate saying he was a pedal plane pilot. They had a fun boys day out. They will have to have these male bonding days more often.


Courtney F said...

How fun! I LOVE flying and with our future lottery winnings I will get my pilot's license. How fun for the boys to have time together too!

The Austin Life said...

You should go flying with Chris sometime. He flies out of Iowa, though, so it would be a drive.