Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mommy n Daddy Time

Last Wednesday night, the kids were invited to stay at Chris' parents house overnight. Chris' Dad was away camping, so the kids stayed with Chris' Grandma Pat (who now lives with Chris' Parents) and Chris' Mom, Grandma Kathy. Grandma Kathy picked the kids up after lunch on Wednesday, taking them shopping for school supplies for kids who could not afford them (I believe they donated a backpack of supplies), then out to eat. There was a trip to Target in there for a toy, too, at some point. We stopped to see the kids while on our dog walk around 7 that night and they were so excited to sleep in the fort they made at Grandmas.

Meanwhile, I had a quiet afternoon of nothingness. I could have cleaned, did laundry, or anything. But, I did NOTHING! Chris and I first went to lunch at our local hotspot, Panera. Back at home, Chris worked, I watched. Chris worked some more, I watch a funny movie. Chris finally stopped stopped working and a crazy storm blew through (finally, some rain! Too bad it is too late for our dead grass). We watched a movie at night, talked, and just caught up.

Chris is TERRIBLY stressed by his ongoing work issues, travels, issues, and more issues. Funny, I had not a clue what Chris did at work prior taking on this project in Florida (really, what he did was classified). I also had no idea what a Widget was or why one would want one. I'm not sure I clearly understand why anyone would want one yet. And, to replace the lone ranger Chris, it takes THREE separate positions through his company. Yes, there are 3 positions posted for what Chris is now doing ALONE! Chris did apply and had an initial interview for the lead of the project, but has not heard back. Funny, he had to apply for his own job, one he has been doing for 6 months. Crazy! I am hoping he will find out more on this trip, but that is unlikely as he is the ONLY one working with the customer (so he will not see anyone from his company there more than likely). So, this drama and story never has an ending. I still have a feeling they will offer him a job, and I know that Chris will take it if the offer is right. Why? Because this is a great opportunity for him that would not happen here. So, if all the cards line up, he will take it. We just have to be patient and wait, something neither of us are any good at. So, we are still not ruling out or in a move to Florida.

In the end, the kids had fun and Chris and I had fun. We love spending time together and just catching up. I find overnight dates to be a big key to any marriage. Now, I just have to plan the next one. :)

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Courtney F said...

Sounds wonderful! I am praying for you guys that you find out soon. Limbo is hard.

PS I nominated you! Thank you for inspiring me to keep going.