Monday, August 20, 2012

Turbo Fire, The Fire Continues

I started Turbo Fire in May with the 5 day Inferno. I have continued to do some sort of Turbo exercise nearly daily ever since that time.

I now run 4 days a week and do a high intensity turbo workout after my 40 minute run outside. I try to run every other day. On my off running days, I do a turbo fire workout to make it at least a hour long, so Fire 55, 60, 45 plus a hiit, etc. I am still not bored, and I am not tired (Chalene always says, "You are not tired!).

I love the longer workouts, the HIIT workouts and the ab workout. I have to be careful with the ab workout as I have pulled my neck bad once and had a minor strain another time. So, I try to only do the ab workout 1-2 times a week.

As far as nutrition, I continue to watch what I eat, but I do eat what I want in smaller quantities. I learned things from the 5 day inferno nutrition plan that I use even now, but I could not survive without chocolate or ice cream or on so few of calories.

So, after a few months, I do see a major difference in my body. My abs and arms are tones. I see a big difference in my upper body as I was pretty weak before. I like the high impact workouts. Having done Insanity, I find Turbo Fire to be higher impact. I wear a pediameter daily, and sometimes I can get up to 7000 steps in one Turbo Tire workout. That is almost as many steps as I get running (and I run about 4 1/2 miles!).

As far as injuries, I have had a couple. I strained my neck twice, as I mentioned. Now, I have a knee injury. Since I run, too, I am not certain the knee injury is from the Turbo Fire or from running, but I happened to notice it during Turbo Fire. I now walk/run with a limp, and I am really favoring it during my Turbo Fire workouts. With that said, it is nothing like the broken foot I got while doing Insanity.

Weight: Maintained (which was the goal).

So get ready and go for it! This is the most fun I have had working out!!


Courtney F said...

That's awesome! Looking good! How awesome that you are having fun with it too! I think we are going to start Insanity for EARLY mornings. Because of having to be ready, IN CASE the phone rings, I don't get to stay for my full spin class, so we are looking for a really early morning option to do before my classes. I have thought about this one, but I don't know if Scott would do it too.

The Austin Life said...

Yeah, I can't get Chris to try it. There are men doing it in the video though.

Courtney F said...

We can do programs with men trainers... :) Scott said last night he might be open to turbo fire, but he has no desire to do P90x.

The Austin Life said...

P90x has longer workouts I believe. I can not get up earlier thank 530 to work out. :)