Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Summer Day Hurrah!

Today was our last day of summer break. Boo. I hate saying good bye, and saying good-bye to summer break is no different. I do not like seeing my kids grow up so fast, but I am lucky that I get to watch most of that growing up so far.

We celebrated the last day the same as we did the first day of summer, at a playground. The temperatures were a little different today, mid to upper 60s at 10 am when we hit the playground with our friends Gabby, Xander, Benji and Bonnie. It was a fun morning.

Back at home, we prepared for the open house tonight getting cleaned up, nails done, school supplies in bags, and the girls pretty new Hanna dresses hung up ready to go. We had dinner and a quick phone call to Daddy in Florida. We were ready to go.

We walked up to school for the 6pm open house. Addison seemed quiet. Addison is NEVER quiet. After meeting Ms. Erickson, who was Alivia's 1st grade teacher and the one Addison had me select for her, Addison said she was scared for the first grade. Addison is pretty vocal of her needs, unlike her older sister. I do believe Alivia may have been telling her some things to bring down Addison's normally happy attitude. But, for whatever reason, Addison did not tattle this time. She is excited to be in the first grade, scared that she only knows one little girl in her class, and unsure that she will be able to find her way around the new side of the school.

Alivia has a male teacher this year and has voiced some concerns about this. You would never have known this as she introduced herself to Mr. Welch and stuffed away her precious cat folders and other school supplies into her desk. Our meeting was brief, but Alivia seems okay. She knows one other girl in her class rather well and that is it. It appears there are many new names or kids Alivia has not been in class with yet. Her classroom is also at the far end of the building, so she too is in new territory at the school. Each year seems to bring more new things other than the grade and teacher.

The girls are tucked away in their beds ready for their new adventures. Now, if I could just jump on board with them without shedding any tears, we will be set. I just wish Chris was here with me, holding my hand. For now, I will hold on tight to Asher's hand.

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Courtney F said...

Oh good luck today! It will go well, I just know it. I hope your girls have a wonderful day and here's to a new school year. You and Asher will have your old routine down before you know it.

PS I had to do the first day of school alone too. It really stinks, but it makes us stronger. :-)